Private Drama

Private Drama and Voice 

The program aims to develop effective communication skills through the study of drama and communication.

Students in Year 5 and above can learn techniques in drama and communication in a supportive and nurturing environment. The students work in small group situations and programs are devised based on students’ interests and on students’ specific vocal needs.

Techniques will enhance the development of self-esteem, confidence, imagination, creativity and vocal expression. Some of the main areas explored in voice and drama include acting technique, vocal technique, interpretation, performance and improvisation.

Graded examinations take place in Term 4 for students in Years 5 to 10. The examinations are optional, however, planning begins early in the year and parents are requested to advise the teacher if their student will not be participating in examinations before the end of Term 2. Additional costs for examinations apply.

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Primary Drama Club

Mondays in the Drama Studio.
8 Classes per Term.

Course Outline – Prep and Year 1 – lunchtime
The Prep and Year 1 Drama program focuses on building skills through imaginative experiences. These activities encourage and stimulate the children’s natural tendencies to play and explore. The program nurtures children’s creativity, confidence, communication and self-expression through skill-based games and exercises, role play. Students may work towards performance opportunities in Term 4.

Course Outline – Years 2 to 4 – 3.45pm to 4.45pm
The Year 2 to 4 Drama program focuses on the development and enhancement of the children’s creative skills. The program has been specially structured so that whilst developing creativity and imagination, students also build vital skills including tolerance, resourcefulness, self-esteem, mutual respect, presentation and public speaking. Children learn to listen, negotiate, share ideas and work in collaboration whilst developing drama skills and performance. Students may work towards performance opportunities in Term 4.
Prep and Year 1 – $83 per term

Years 2 to 4 – $107 per term

Years 5 and above – $144 per term 


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