Manognya Kamisetty (CC2007) is a paediatric advanced trainee registrar, currently working in the newborn intensive care unit at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne. After Year 12, she volunteered and travelled before completing a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery and a Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours). In her final year of medical school, she gained international paediatrics experience through internships with the World Health Organization and the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund. She completed her medical internship at Monash Health, and concurrently completed a Diploma of Child Health. Manognya has also worked as a children’s party entertainer, a volunteer tutor for children from refugee backgrounds, and with children with disabilities.

Manognya knew early on that she wanted to work in medicine and with children, and says the Cornish campus provided guidance.

“It was a very conducive environment to foster the best outcomes for every individual. They acknowledged students’ strengths and weaknesses, and encouraged us to pursue what we were good at and improve what we wanted to be good at.

“Cornish felt very inclusive – that was a wonderful feeling. Now with my medical knowledge, I know how important it is for a child and a young person’s development to feel like they belong.”

Manognya says that her family and upbringing were pivotal in shaping her as a person, but her experiences at Cornish added to her growth immensely.

“A lot of my social endeavours are based on values which flourished during my time at Cornish, such as selflessness, generosity and service to others,” she says.

“I have such fond memories of school – not just of my friends, but of my teachers and of the Principal, Kerry Bolger, who attended my engagement ceremony last August. I always had very high regards for all of my teachers. One of my oldest friends from Cornish also attended my wedding in India in November.”

Manognya loves her current role, which is “very humbling and rewarding”. In the future, she hopes to combine her interests across neonatal/perinatal medicine and paediatric cardiology, and to volunteer in India with her husband, Ram, who is also a doctor with similar aspirations. She hopes that other Cornish students will enjoy and benefit from the College as much as she did.

“Having positive influences, positive connections, a sense of belonging and to be encouraged to follow your dreams is just invaluable. It’s something I would love to encourage others to have.”

This story featured in the Winter 2020 edition of The Difference

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