We are delighted to announce that the College has been awarded its first star in the ResourceSmart Schools Program.

This program is a Victorian Government initiative that supports schools as they integrate sustainability into their strategic planning and processes, helping them to improve their resource management while embedding sustainability practices into school operations, teaching, learning and community engagement.

The star is another important step in our goal to become a certified Five Star ResourceSmart School and a community hub for sustainability. It acknowledges our existing achievements in sustainability, including our recent commitment to the TAKE2 Pledge to take meaningful action against climate change, and the development of a school environment management plan.

We are now working towards our next star, which focuses on biodiversity. The ResourceSmart Committee is also continuing to identify areas around the College, and our community, in which we can make a difference in contributing to a sustainable future, such as the clean canteen initiative proposed by our students in 2018.

We look forward to continuing our work as leaders in making a difference today for a sustainable, thriving tomorrow.