Cornish College Board Sub-Committees

There are five sub-committees of the Cornish College Board and their roles and responsibilities are summarised below.


Responsible for oversight of governance principles, Board policies, codes of conduct and compliance and risk management mechanisms, as well as the management of executive succession and the evaluation of Board and sub-committee performance. 


Responsible for oversight of all financial aspects of the College, including preparation of the annual budget and long-term forecasts, externally-audited annual financial statements, reporting to College Board and statutory bodies. This Committee also has oversight of internal controls and financial management systems, and is responsible for the appointment of the external auditor. 


Responsible for interviewing and nominating candidates for Board sub-committees and for Board member (excluding Principal) positions. 


Responsible for capital development policy, planning for the development of new College buildings and grounds, refurbishment of existing facilities, internal controls over property development and the appointment of external contractors. 

Marketing, Community & Culture

Responsible for oversight of the development of marketing strategy and determining the marketing resources required to meet College needs, for recommending marketing principles applicable to Cornish and the Board, ensuring appropriate plans are in place for marketing of the College, ensuring appropriate plans are in place for enhancing the community and culture of the College, and any other matters referred to the Committee by the Board. 

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