Our secondary production of CS Lewis’s beloved classic The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe not only invited audiences to Narnia, it took them by the hand, led them through the wardrobe and immersed them in the wonderful, white land of Narnia.

This year’s production drew upon promenade theatre, encouraging audiences to stand and, at times, walk through sets around the actors. This, Director and Producer Lauren Zeigler said, was crucial.

“Narnia is a place to be immersed in, marvelled at, escape in,” said Lauren. “Why not have the audience come to Narnia with the characters?”

The production was based on an adaptation by Glyn Robbins and featured over 50 students in the cast and crew. Due to unprecedented demand, a fifth show was added to the schedule.

Music facilitator Rebecca McPhail said finding the right music to “tell the story” was a challenge, but students faced this with collaboration and creativity.

“Often in education, we talk about the process being just as important as the end result. This was truly the case with this project,” said Rebecca. “Facilitating a piece of theatre that students could have a sense of ownership over was fantastic.”

For Lauren, the highlight was watching students develop their own interpretations of the story.

“What was exciting during the process of this production was that the students started uncovering their own understandings,” said Lauren. “What a powerful experience to collaborate with such responsive young artists.” We can’t wait to see what next year’s production holds!

Comments from our audience

“Brilliant, innovative, creative and so sustainably a Cornish production.”

“Outstanding performances all round! And the sets, costumes, lighting, sound and makeup – so professional!”

“The innovative style of this production was unique and it felt like we were part of the story.”

“Amazing, immersive production!”

“Such a clever adaptation.”