A quiet achiever, and son of well-known former Cornish teacher Nancye Banks, the ever-personable and enthusiastic Taylor Banks (CC2010) graduated from Cornish in 2008 before sharing his motivation and commendable work ethic with the wider community. Here, Taylor reflects upon his journey across various career options over the past decade and offers some pertinent advice for our current senior cohort:

My time at Cornish from 2005 to 2008 is something that I will forever reflect upon with great admiration. This unique place of learning encouraged my classmates and I to be ourselves and helped us to establish vital life skills for the future.

So often we are told in our final years of school that university is the only ‘smart choice’ once graduating. I myself enrolled in clinical science at Victoria University, and whilst recognising this to be a great pathway ripe for scholarly exploration, never sensed it to be quite the right fit. Put simply, I lacked the desire and motivation to continue along this path. During those years I, nevertheless, worked as a labourer and subsequently fell in love with the trade of carpentry. Being a visual, hands-on learner, I found this to be the perfect work environment.

Since completing a mature-age apprenticeship, I am now a qualified carpenter running my own business with a fantastic team. It is fair to say that not every day is straightforward – a strong work ethic is vital – but I am passionate about the career I have chosen. I enjoy problem solving tasks ‘on-the-go’ and the sense of accomplishment in completing a job. Over the coming years, I will seek to grow the team and take the
necessary steps to becoming a licensed builder.

Cornish is a place that taught me the importance of responsibility and commitment, as well as that of sustaining relationships – particularly crucial when you interact with a range of people across this substantial industry. My sincere advice for senior students unsure of their ‘next move’ in search of a fulfilling career is to give everything a go. Remember that you have plenty of time to grow into your professional interests and will continue to identify your strengths and weaknesses in the long term. Find your motivation and work hard!