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‘Student Voice’ – Australian Education Leader Magazine features Cornish College

We are delighted that Year 12 students and College Captains Rose Wallace and Reagan Morel have been featured in the Australian Education Leader Magazine. Read the "Student Voice" on pages 76-79 of AEL Magazine Volume 4 Issue 3, where Laurent Julicher, Director of Student Learning, together with Rose and Reagan, discuss Design Futures - a new Cornish curriculum initiative that embraces the visiona [...]

‘Student Voice’ – Australian Education Leader Magazine features Cornish College2022-11-17T15:43:45+10:00

Congratulations to our new College Captains

We are delighted to announce that Max Gregg, Chanul Kulatunga, Mailli Atkins and Isabelle Gardner (pictured L-R) have been selected as our 2023 College Captains. As they look forward to their new roles, they reflect on what motivated them to apply for the role and the challenges that they might face, as a College Captain. Chanul Kulatunga Why did you apply? I applied because I wanted to contribut [...]

Congratulations to our new College Captains2022-11-17T15:04:45+10:00

The impossible made possible

Congratulations to our Extend Before and After School Care service which has received an overall Exceeding National Quality Standard (NQS) rating for its recent assessment and rating. Exceeding NQS is going above and beyond what is expected at the Meeting NQS level. To receive an Exceeding rating you must receive 4 or more Exceeding NQS out of 7 quality areas. They include: Educational program an [...]

The impossible made possible2022-11-04T10:56:31+10:00

Giving students the skills to design the future

As the world changes, educators are transforming the way they structure learning, writes Peter Barrett. Blade Heweston, 16, may have the fastest locker in the south-east . Frustrated by the time it took to open his regulation combination dial every day, the then-year 10 Cornish College student decided to upgrade. Using his school-issue RFID (tap and go) student card, Bluetooth, a microcontroller a [...]

Giving students the skills to design the future2022-10-07T13:26:22+10:00

Premier’s VCE Award

Congratulations to Year 12 student, Mathilda Maas, who received a Premier’s VCE Award for German this week for her outstanding VCE result in 2021. A total of 298 of Victoria’s brightest students were recognised in this year’s Premier’s VCE Awards and we are thrilled with Mathilda’s success. Cornish College’s flexible thinking and agile approach to designing student pathways supported Mathilda in h [...]

Premier’s VCE Award2022-08-19T13:51:57+10:00

Educating for a sustainable future

It’s not so much stand-alone programs that support Cornish College teachers to address issues that concern young people, but more so our whole approach to education of a different kind. At Cornish College, when we ask the important question, “Why do we educate?” we commit to a compelling answer: We educate for a sustainable future. It is the most important obligation we have to this generation of [...]

Educating for a sustainable future2022-08-17T13:48:29+10:00

How do we teach spelling and reading?

Conversations with parents about schooling are often centred on the establishment of crucial foundation skills in literacy and numeracy. We all want our children to attain these skills early, as confidence in reading, writing and numeracy provides a springboard to access other learning areas. There is much interest in the news about the teaching of reading and spelling methodologies with the most [...]

How do we teach spelling and reading?2022-08-17T13:46:27+10:00

Regeneration and repair

Education faces a critical time for regeneration and repair. It is time to acknowledge the cracks, and rather than ignore them, seek to repair and make a difference. Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repair, or “gold mending”, is an art form that seeks to recover rather than to discard – a sustainable approach that teaches us to relish our blemishes as opportunities for beautiful repair. Through the l [...]

Regeneration and repair2022-08-17T13:43:27+10:00

Digital Literacy

The ubiquitous and pervasive nature of our digital world has polarising effects on many in our community. There are those who are open and willing to embrace technology and others who don’t understand it and fear it – wherever you sit on this spectrum, the reality is that technology is here to stay. However, we don’t say this flippantly. We understand that technology is constantly evolving and the [...]

Digital Literacy2022-08-17T13:42:41+10:00

Class of 2021 – Tertiary Offers

We congratulate the Class of 2021 for having successfully achieved their Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) in 2021. We are so proud of each and every one of them. Last year students received their VCE results along with their ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank). The ATAR is one avenue for entry into tertiary study, with increasing numbers of students receiving early offers for tertia [...]

Class of 2021 – Tertiary Offers2022-08-17T13:34:37+10:00
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