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Thought Leadership

Inclusive education

Why is an inclusive lens for schools so important?  All children are competent learners and all learners are unique If you stop and consider the challenges facing young people as they navigate life today, you may be alarmed at the length of the list. Often referred to as the ‘invisible schoolbag’, beneath the surface exists deep conundrums including career choices, schooling, friendships, partners [...]

Inclusive education2022-08-18T15:18:03+10:00

Integrated learning program

Some years ago, we found ourselves with a particularly challenging group of Year 7 students, which included a group of boys who felt alienated and disconnected from the traditional school program of subjects and topics. They did not like school or teachers, or respect the property. We recognised that we had to make significant changes to franchise all students in the middle years. Ever mindful of [...]

Integrated learning program2022-08-17T11:43:28+10:00

Reimagining drama

Cornish College is a really special place. We are largely an inquiry-based learning environment, with natural, personal, socio-cultural and urban/technological sustainability underpinning our curriculum. Everything we do helps students understand how they can make a difference and create a sustainable world. Our primary school also offers the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme, wh [...]

Reimagining drama2022-08-18T16:20:54+10:00

Making a difference in maths

Maths…one tiny word that can cause very strong emotions, not only in students, but also in a lot of parents whose own experience of learning mathematics is not looked back on fondly. When a lot of people think of maths, they might see images of strict, regimented classrooms, students sitting quietly in rows and columns, going about their maths with authoritarian structure. I don’t see those images [...]

Making a difference in maths2022-08-17T11:45:23+10:00


For students to thrive in a changing world, they need education of a different kind Cornish College educates for a sustainable future so young people can make a positive difference in their local and global communities. For our students to do so in a changing world, education of a different kind is required. We encourage a love of learning by building skills through structured inquiry and a differ [...]


Risky maths

Picture twenty excited, nervous, Year 5 students, a lake, a bridge of pallets and planks of wood. I say ‘bridge’ loosely, as the pallets and planks are merely laying on one another. More alarmingly, some are floating away or sinking. My students are excited and nervous because we will be attempting to cross the ‘bridge’. I love unexpected, authentic learning and am always looking for experiences o [...]

Risky maths2022-08-17T11:47:24+10:00

Outdoor learning

As we prepare for an uncertain and rapidly changing future, the needs of our learners are changing and we need to change with them. As we prepare for an uncertain and rapidly changing future, the needs of our learners are changing and we need to change with them. Flexible thinking, innovation, adaptability, creativity and social skills emerge from research as areas in which our young people need t [...]

Outdoor learning2022-08-17T11:48:17+10:00
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