Golf Program - Terms and Conditions

The following fees and Terms and Conditions apply to our cocurricular Golf Program.

2022 Fees

  • $140 ELC, Prep, Year 1
  • $172 Students in all other groups

The fees apply for 8 lessons per term. The cost will be charged to your school fee account at the start of each term.

Terms and Conditions

1. I agree that in the event of an accident or illness, the College, through a responsible member of staff, will obtain all necessary medical assistance and treatment, including blood transfusions and/or hospital treatment. I understand I will be responsible for any medical fees and expenses incurred.

2. I understand that the College ensures provision of supervision at all times, but that the College cannot accept responsibility where there is a marked lack of cooperation from a student.

3. I understand also that the adequate care of personal belongings is the responsibility of each individual student.

4. Once tuition has begun, four lessons notice is required in writing by email to and to cancel the lessons. Students are still able to attend these four lessons. Verbal cancellation is not accepted and failure to cancel in writing will mean further fees being charged.

5. Re-enrolment is automatic from one term to the next, including from one year to the next.

6. The cost will be charged to your school fee account. An invoice will be sent by mail or email and payment is required by the start of the term.

7. If your child is unable to demonstrate safety or the ability to follow instructions, we may require parents to attend with their child for a period of time. Continued failure to meet these expectations may result in students being asked to cease their involvement in the program.

8. Any student who has not been collected at the end of the after school lesson will be taken to after school care.

To make a booking, please visit our booking page.

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