At Cornish College, horse riding is not just a sport, it’s a partnership. Whether you have your own mount, or regularly ride a horse or pony at a riding school, the connection that can be achieved between a rider and a horse is special.

Riding can lower your stress levels, improve your wellbeing and give you a sense of freedom that no other sport can match.

Some people ride simply to relax and unwind outdoors. Others want to focus on training and learning new skills such as dressage or jumping. When you ride, you never stop learning! This gives you a powerful sense of achievement, especially as you make progress towards new goals.

Riding combines a cardiovascular workout with a rewarding mental challenge. It helps improve your fitness and balance, builds muscle tone, encourages muscle strength and improves hand-eye coordination and joint mobility. It helps a rider to manage their emotions as they share the riding experience together with their mount.

Horse riders are typically a social crowd and with a shared love of horses, riders at Cornish College may make friends for life.


Prep to Year 12 students are able to attend equestrian lessons at Jolong Park Equestrian Centre, a world-class horse facility and Australian Government Accredited Registered Training Organisation, located across the road from Cornish College at 128 Riverend Road, Bangholme.

Small group lessons for Cornish College students run Tuesday and Friday after school hours at 4.00pm and 5.00pm during the school term. As groups are differentiated, new riders are asked to book an assessment lesson to determine their skill level and their group allocation.

Please contact Jolong Park, 0426 086 088, to arrange an assessment lesson after making your booking.

Term Program

There are 8 lessons each term, with additional make-up lessons provided if required. Jolong Park will notify parents of each term’s start date.

General Riding Program

Friday 4.00pm – 6.00pm

Please speak to staff at Jolong Park to discuss options for specialised programs.

There are 60-minute group lessons for student riders and a horse can be supplied. Students will spend time on their horse and also focus on theory, horsemanship and ground management skills.

Assessment lessons are booked through Jolong Park.

Cornish College Bus 6 can transport the equestrian students to Jolong Park for their lessons at no additional cost. Please be advised that students crossing Riverend Road without adult supervision is highly discouraged.

NB: All Cornish College students are covered by the College’s insurance for this activity.


As this is a school activity, we ask that students wear their sports uniform. School tracksuit pants are suitable to ride in initially before purchasing jodhpurs. If you do wish to purchase jodhpurs, the Cornish College equestrian uniform allows for either navy or beige jodhpurs.

For colder weather, students may wear their sports jacket or parents may wish to purchase an appropriate riding vest/jacket (ideally navy) and riding gloves. Riders are expected to purchase their own helmet, gloves and boots.

Fees and Bookings

All riding lesson bookings must be done directly through the Jolong Park booking site. Search for the Cornish specific sessions which take place on a Friday afternoon following school.

Testimonials from parents

“The staff were most welcoming and fantastic with both the parents and the kids, and the facilities are amazing. Can’t wait to see how our equestrians progress. Thank you for organising it all.”
Emma Hartridge

“Our girls attended their first lesson on Tuesday and to say we were impressed would be an understatement. The hospitality was out of the top drawer, with the team extremely accommodating and very friendly, displaying patience and a positive attitude throughout. The facilities are fantastic, both for riders and spectators.”
Bruce Stradling

Equestrian Competition

Equestrian riders at Cornish College have opportunities to compete in both dressage and show jumping competitions. If you are riding or interested in riding, please let the Cocurricular Program Coordinator know, so that we can keep our riders’ details up to date.

For details about the Interschool Series, please view the Victorian Equestrian Interschools Calendar.

For more information on how your child can participate in the Cornish College Equestrian Program, please contact the Cocurricular Program Coordinator or call (03) 9781 9000.