Cornish College offers an extensive Performing Arts program with a range of performance opportunities.

The program develops theoretical and practical performance skills across music, drama, dance and visual arts through individual and group classes, choirs, ensembles, band and instrumental programs and cocurricular tuition. Skills developed in these areas are showcased in a variety of performance opportunities within the College community, including productions, concerts, festivals, exhibitions and House competitions.

The College is also a member of the Southern Independent Schools network, giving students access to external opportunities combining music, drama, dance and visual arts.

Throughout the year, a range of performance opportunities are offered within the school and the wider community. We continuously encourage students to create a culture of inclusion, risk-taking and to make the most of these opportunities.

To find out more about the extensive Performing and Visual Arts program at Cornish, please view our Performing and Visual Arts Brochure, which gives further information about the variety of cultural events at the school.