We asked each of them what their hopes and aspirations are for their leadership role in 2021.

Olivia Buckley

I began at Cornish College when I was in Year 3. My whole life changed the day when I sat in Cornish’s gym for the first time, listening to that year’s College Captains, Kathleen, Robbie and Eliza, introduce themselves. The compassion they radiated and the courage they demonstrated inspired me. I wanted to be them, I wanted to make a difference and, in the future, I wanted to be that type of College Captain for everyone else.

Now, I finally get that opportunity and I hope to make Cornish a more diverse and open community. I want to inspire the next generation of politicians, climate activists and social justice leaders because I strongly believe that everyone in our school is capable of such a task, if they so choose. When I leave in 2021, I can rest assured that the students in our community are going to be global citizens who not only want change, but are willing to put in the work to make change.

Thomas McWha

I feel very fortunate to be chosen for this role in 2021, and I know there is a lot I can do and give to the role. Since coming to Cornish in Year 7, I’ve noticed how the College changes and adapts to allow students feel comfortable at school. The task of a leader is to be an advocate for students, an approachable role model, and by using my voice and listening to what students want to further improve things at Cornish, I believe I can provide these things.

By the end of my time as a College Captain, I really hope to have helped further improve the school experience for present and future students and teachers. I’m quite nervous, in the sense that I don’t want to leave a personal legacy, but am excited about the personal challenge and growth I will experience as a College Captain.


Jonathan, Olivia, Layne and Thomas

Layne Planner

I see the role of College Captain as an opportunity to be a voice for all the students I represent and to act on behalf of Cornish out in the community. As a College Captain I will continue to reflect and uphold the values of Cornish and inspire others to do the same. I consider myself as a leader who is approachable, who will always listen to others and who will try to be a friend to everyone.

At the end of 2021 I want to have made a positive impact on the school and the Cornish community. I see this as an opportunity to give back to the school that has provided me with so much over my time here. I have been a student at Cornish since I was three and a half years old and I am so proud to be able to finish my school years as a College Captain, whilst trying to be an inspiration to other students.

Jonathan Wood

To me, a true leader is one who encourages others to find their confidence and strives to be an individual who not only listens, but acts on the brilliant ideas and requests within their community. This is the kind of leadership that throughout 2021, I will pursue to the best of my ability so that students’ voices are heard and Cornish can continue on its journey to become even better.

In particular, through my role as a College Captain, I wish to further improve the sustainability of the College, so that we can expand on our environmental focus whilst committing to protecting planet earth. Furthermore, in the wake of recent global challenges, I hope that my role will involve advocating for the mental wellbeing of everyone at this school, so that beyond my time at Cornish, a strong and thriving support network for students is preserved.