We are a learning community that understands the power of technology to develop independent, lifelong learners.

Our vision

Our vision is ‘Anytime, anywhere access to information and communications technology to support collaborative, inquiry-based, student-centred learning in a safe and secure manner’.

This is part of a long, flexible approach that grows and changes with our learning needs.

The College is an Apple school. We’ve chosen the Apple platform because it aligns with our goal to make learning relevant, inspire creativity, enhance collaboration and enable every learner to be a creator who believes their work matters.

Technology is a driving force in the world today. It also introduces some remarkable opportunities in schools to expand what’s possible for teaching and learning. For that purpose, we have implemented a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ program, which offers all students the option of using a personally-owned device for their own learning. In our primary school, this is an iPad and in the secondary school, students use MacBook Pro or MacBook Air computers.

As part of our ‘Growing Up Digital’ program, we expect students to think critically, behave safely and participate responsibly when using technology, and we work with parents to ensure a positive school/home partnership.

Our curriculum

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are key elements throughout our curriculum.

Primary students explore STEM through a range of activities such as creating electronic storybooks, Claymation projects, music and movie making, webpage design and robotics.

Secondary students expand their STEM knowledge through Super Studies electives and VCE classes that offer diverse learning experiences spanning music technology, media design, photography, website design, designing solar-powered boats, videogame design, building a Bluetooth-powered amplifier, investigating DNA data encryption and 3D printing.

They can also participate in Real Time Learning programs and the NCSS GROK competition, in which they construct a series of programs and learn the value of algorithms.

The Cornish Learning and Information Centre

The Cornish Learning and Information Centre is a shared space at the centre of our teaching and learning community. Our STEM Hub is for creativity and design, using a range of technologies and is led by the interests of our students.

Through our library webpage, students have access to high-quality print and digital resources ‘anywhere, anytime’ via personal devices including iPads, MacBooks and smartphones.

We provide Information Literacy programs which teach students to be ethical digital citizens, able to critically analyse, choose and use information and share it with others.

We encourage students to be mindful when printing their work, promote paper recycling and we redistribute resources no longer required, to other institutions.