There are many challenges facing young people as they navigate life today. Overwhelmingly however, a sense of belonging and connectedness transcend many of these challenges and the reason why an ‘inclusion lens’ should be at the core of all school operations.

An inclusive approach ensures support for students with a disability, culturally and linguistic diversity, the LGBTQI+ community, mental health challenges, gifted or highly able, and all in the context of their cultural values, needs and requirements, to ensure every student can experience success.

At Cornish College we have developed a ‘statement of commitment’ to inclusion:

  • Sustainable relationships are at the core of inclusion, which is a cultural value that spans the breadth of our curriculum
  • We provide an inclusive and equitable environment that recognises, fosters and embraces all differences, and allows students to build personal capacity to thrive emotionally, academically, physically and spiritually, now and in the future
  • Inclusion aligns with the school’s values of compassion, respect, integrity and creativity, the rings of sustainability and professional policies

Through this inclusive lens, we can feel confident that this generation, who have shown themselves to be the amongst the most educated, technologically proficient and adept, willing to challenge tradition structures and non-complacent cohort, are ready and eager to reshape the inclusiveness, equity and sustainability of our world.

Inclusion is beneficial to everyone, creating a win-win situation and in no way detracts from anyone else’s experience.