Future Ready

Design Futures 100 allows students to co-create their curriculum aligned with areas of interest and aspirational goals. Design Futures 100 develops students’ creativity, self-efficacy, critical thinking, collaboration skills, agility, autonomy and reflectiveness. Students create their own interdisciplinary inquiry through which they will develop skills in design, enterprise and advocacy.

Design Futures is very much about creating stories. Each student’s story takes on its own narration and is written through exploration, trial and error, embracing mistakes, identifying problems and seeking solutions.

Read about our learners and their solutions

  • Jessica


    Year 11

    Jessica is a passionate, strong and caring individual who believes in exploring and sharing all dimensions of health ben [...]

  • Lucy

    Year 10

    For Lucy, soccer (football) is her sport. It is part of her identity, provides her with a driving purpose and she is com [...]

  • Ryan


    Year 10

    Ryan is a talented musician and his instrument of choice is the guitar. For Ryan, Design Futures has allowed him time to [...]

  • Hamish

    Year 10

    When a student tells you that they built a computer in a suitcase during lockdown, you are instantly reminded of what yo [...]

  • Blade

    Year 10

    Blade understands the importance of ‘play’ for learning. For Blade, Design Futures 100 allows him time to explore, play [...]

  • Rose

    Year 11

    Rose is an optimistic and persistent individual who approaches challenges with a healthy, competitive energy and is expl [...]