Interactive School Tour - Saturday 16 October

Thank you for joining us for our Interactive School Tour. We hope you enjoy discovering more about the wonderful things happening at Cornish College. 

You can click on any of the videos below from 9.30am on Thursday 14 October to commence your tour. You can return to these videos at any time until Thursday 11 November, so please take your time to enjoy them. These videos provide insights into the College, including the personal experiences of our 2021 College Captains.  

At 9.30am on Saturday 16 October, we welcome families to our live Q&A session with access to the following learning leaders:

Early Learning Centre – Jeanette Russell, Director of the Early Learning Centre and a Parents Association representative

Primary School (Prep to Year 6) – Tim Edmonds, Deputy Principal – Head of Primary, Sarah Carroll, Primary Literacy Coordinator – Year 1 Teacher, Primary Student Leaders and Parents Association representatives

Senior School (Years 7 to 12) – Sarah Dodd, Deputy Principal – Head of Secondary, Laurent Julicher, Director Student Learning, Senior Student Leaders and Parents Association representatives

To access these discussions, please use the Zoom links provided by our Registrar, Kylie Jones, on Friday 15 October.

Principal – Nicola Forrest

Early Learning Centre – Jeanette Russell, Director 

Primary (Prep-Year 6) – Tim Edmonds, Deputy Principal, Head of Primary

Secondary (Years 7-12) – Sarah Dodd, Deputy Principal, Head of Secondary

College Captains – In Conversation with Laurent Julicher, Director of Student Learning

Thank you for joining us. If you have any questions, please contact Admissions or call them on 9781 9000.

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