Ravi Kamisetty (CC2005) took a gap year at the end of Year 12 before completing an undergraduate degree in dentistry and then a research honours degree in Adelaide. He worked as a dentist in Melbourne and then as a locum throughout Victoria and Tasmania, before completing further postgraduate study in Adelaide to specialise in orthodontics – he has been working as an orthodontist ever since.

Ravi recently purchased a clinic in Dandenong, where he is enjoying the challenges of owning a business. Ravi believes Cornish has influenced his approach to these challenges and his career overall.

“The way I practise orthodontics is very personal, very involved and takes genuine care for individual patients, just like Cornish did. That’s influenced my personal values and how I run my business.”

Along with influencing his career, the Cornish campus shaped Ravi as a person.

“A lot of values and ethics that Cornish and my parents instilled in me are part of my personal life. I still abide by them now.

“I’ve also got some really good friends from Cornish that I see on a fortnightly basis. A couple of them came to India for my wedding to Sruthi, and that was really nice.

“[Former Principal] Kerry Bolger and Mike Davis were formative figures in my life and still are. Kerry wrote references for my university applications and came to our wedding reception in Melbourne.

“I’m still in touch with my Year 5 teacher, Mr Davis, 25 years on, which says something about the personal relationships we built.”

The College offered an ideal learning environment, Ravi says, and although he was unsure about moving to Cornish in Year 5, he has no regrets.

“Cornish was a nice place to grow up. It had a supportive environment, smaller class sizes and a personalised approach. The individual attention and care we received was unparalleled.

“We also learnt all sorts of things – different, unique things like beekeeping and veggie patches with Mr Goschnick. They were a different set of skills and a different approach to learning.

“Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

This story featured in the Winter 2020 edition of The Difference

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