At Cornish College, our commitment is to ensure that young people are engaged in the best schooling experiences now, for a thriving and sustainable tomorrow.

“We must recognise the privilege of educating young people, especially when we have the opportunity to do so on 100 acres of natural parkland” says Principal, Nicola Forrest.

“The opportunity here, to educate for a sustainable future and extend our vision of education beyond the curriculum, drives us toward education of a different kind”.

At Cornish, students learn to understand their roles and responsibilities as creators and contributors to education, not just consumers.

Journeying through the Early Years to Year 12, they develop deep understandings of themselves as learners and about the interconnectedness of the world around them. A disposition for systems thinking developed through inquiry and concept-based learning, leads students to becoming adept at identifying and solving problems with an entrepreneurial mindset that transfers far beyond the school and curriculum.

When young people come to Cornish College, their families come with them and join us as a community of explorers committed to making a difference. “There is a great deal of courage in a community that comes together to challenge the narrative of schooling. When we open our minds to unlearning and reimagining schooling, we open the possibilities to a better future for all”, says Forrest.

Creating time and space in the school day for play, deep inquiry, exploration and personalised learning opportunities, Cornish College is ensuring students have the tools to thrive in learning and in life.

As featured in the September edition of the Mornington Peninsula Magazine