Congratulations to Year 6 student Lukas, who has undertaken research on ADHD as part of his PYP Exhibition enquiry.

Not only did he survey over 180 students to get input from those with ADHD, but then analysed their answers and prepared a detailed summary paper. He then took the initiative to reach out to deans of education at universities to share his research. As a result, the story of his amazing research has been shared in the media and both Monash and Melbourne Universities have asked to use his research and have invited him to be on a number of panels and to speak to their students in teaching courses.

It is an amazingly powerful piece of work which showcases what happens when you truly allow authentic student agency and voice.

His mum, Heike proudly explains, “Cornish’s motto is ‘Make a Difference’ so it’s exciting to know that Lukas is able to play a small part in making the next generation of teachers more aware”.