Golf Program

The Cornish Golf Program

We have our own Cornish Links golf course on the school grounds and our Golf Program is led by a passionate team of coaches, who are committed to developing a world leading golf program:

  • Mr Sean Kirschenberg, Golf Program Coordinator, Certified PGA Golf Professional and Resident Golf Professional at Ranelagh Club
  • Mr Craig Spence, PGA Professional (mentoring coaching role)
  • Mr Jarrod Davies, Cornish College Teacher and Chaplain
  • Mrs Nadina Light, Golf Professional

We have a great balance of coaches and deliver many facets of golf.

For further information please contact Sean Kirschenberg, Cornish College Golf Program Coordinator at or 0418 552 668.

twitter @golfleadership

To make a booking, or to view our terms and conditions, please click here.

cornish-links-golfCornish Links Golf Course

Our course is specifically designed for children and we are very grateful for all the help and generosity we have received along the journey. We commenced our course by developing 7 holes and in 2015 we developed two further holes (nine holes in total now). Our two new holes are 200 metres long and provide some challenges for our students.

Tom Humphrey (Cornish Grounds staff) is responsible for course design and construction.  Tom has incorporated a creek, bridges, seating, tee signs and native plantings. Phil Kingston is a school parent who has also donated valuable time to developing the two new holes. We have also had help from many parents and local businesses, including Anco Turf who donated the turf for our tees.

Although some of our holes are only short they can be quite challenging. Our golf course uses ‘big holes’, which allows the use of golf balls or tennis balls. Tennis balls are suitable for our younger ELC Students.

Gallery-Sport-Cocurricular-12Students can learn many great life skills from golf. Golf encourages students to practice, learn etiquette and develop persistence. Golf rewards integrity and is also a ‘game for life’ that has many social, mental and physical benefits. Golf handicaps allow children to compete with adults or beginners to compete with professionals. Golf also allows children to indulge with the environment and be amongst the great outdoors. Having fun is critical to the success of our golf program.

In the future we plan on potentially implementing a committee made up of students who can look at many aspects of golf, the golf program and the golf course. This may include golf handicaps, special events, course developments, charity events and golf competitions.





Golf as the vehicle to create positive changes in young people to improve mental and physical health, confidence in leadership and development of great life skills.

Core Values

While golf ability and golf improvement are very important components to our golf program, we place greater emphasis on our core values. We reward students for demonstrating our core values. Each term we introduce a new core value until we reach 9 core values (one value for each hole on the golf course).


Developing positive character in students is an important component to our golf program. Within our groupings we encourage leadership and provide encouragement for those who demonstrate leadership. We are extremely fortunate to have a much-respected teacher and Cornish College Chaplain, Mr Jarrod Davies, as one of our golf program leaders.

Warm up

Warm up is a vital part of golf. It helps with injury prevention and also aids in skill development. Our golf program uses various warm up exercises, dependent on age.

Skill development – Fundamental movement skills

We focus on fundamental movement skills (FMS). These skills are very important skills for students to develop. They are great for developing coordination, balance, strength and power, which help with all facets of golf. Interestingly, FMS’s are also great for other sports, therefore our golf program can also help develop other sports being played by students.

Programs and groups

We have 9 golf program groupings:

  • SNAG Group (ELC) Friday 3.00pm to 3.30pm
  • LEISHMAN Group (Prep) Wednesday 1.20pm to 1.50pm
  • JONES Group (Year 1) Friday 1.20pm to 1.50pm
  • SMITH Group (Years 2 to 6) Wednesday 3.45pm to 4.45pm
  • WEBB Group (Years 7 to 12) Wednesday 3.45pm to 4.45pm
  • APPLEBY Group (Years 2 to 3) Friday 3.45pm to 4.45pm
  • OGILVY Group (Years 4 to 6) Friday 3.45pm to 4.45pm
  • DAY and BADDELEY (Years 7 to 12) Friday 3.45pm to 4.45pm
  • SCOTT Group (Advanced Years 6 to 12) Friday 7.30am to 8.30am


ELC, Prep and Year 1 students – $120

Students in all other groups – $150

Cornish Golf Driving Range

Currently, we have a driving range with 10 hitting mats of approximately 200 metres in length. We conduct specific golf swing training and skills tests on the driving range.


Cornish College students of any age can participate in our Golf Program. Our program is very popular and we suggest you apply as soon as you are interested, as some groups may have a small waiting list. For an application form or further information please contact Sean Kirschenberg, Cornish College Golf Program Coordinator at or 0418 552 668.

Long-term development

Our aim is to develop students into long-term successful golfers. Long-term development allows students to enjoy golf longer and develop fundamental movement skills (FMS), which will help with all sports they choose to play. Our aim is to allow students to develop sustainable and successful golf and athletic skills, while also learning the valuable core values and life skills. We will also be implementing some exciting long-term opportunities for students who would like to create a career out of golf. 

Golf Etiquette

Learning golf can be challenging and it’s important we educate all students on how to conduct themselves on a golf course. There are many aspects of golf etiquette that are covered in our program, including safety, suitable clothing (including food, water and sunscreen), what clubs to use, caring for the course, respecting other players, when to mark the scorecard, pace of play, order of play and how to score. 

It’s important students feel that they belong and develop friendships in the golf program. We encourage students to respect others, regardless of their athletic ability or age.

Equipment and facilities

We use SNAG Golf Equipment for our ELC Group, which is a great learning tool. Fitted golf clubs are provided to all students (a free specific junior fitted club is provided to every student). We also use FMS related equipment and teaching aids to enhance learning. We are also fortunate to have access to the fitness area at the sheds, adjacent to the golf course.


At Cornish College we take safety very seriously.  All students, families, teachers and staff have a responsibility to ensure our safety requirements are met. 

Our five safety guidelines in the golf program are:

  1. Hold your club upside down like a walking stick when not hitting.
  2. Always stand in the ‘safe spot’. To ensure you’re in the safe spot take three big steps back (away from the target) and one step to the side so you are far enough away from the student hitting, but also remain in view of the student hitting the ball (so they know where you are)
  3. On the driving range we always stay on our hitting mat. Although it can be tempting to walk onto the range to retrieve a ball that didn’t go far, this is simply not safe. We teach students to wait for the coach to say “everyone place your clubs on the mat and pick some golf balls up now”.
  4. Yell “FORE!!!” out loud if your ball is heading in another player’s direction. If students hear this call we advise them to try and protect themselves and look away from that direction.
  5. Be mindful of other golfers. E.g. being aware of players on other holes that may be side by side. Have patience and respect for other golfers. Safety is a responsibility for the person hitting, as well as all other players and spectators nearby.

A Game for Life

Golf can be played from 2 years of age to 102. We use physical and mental energy and golf can be very social.

In business, golf provides great networking opportunities whilst on the course. Players must also learn values including honesty, integrity, persistence and confidence. 

Hole in One Honours

In 2015 we had our first hole in one at Cornish Links. Lachlan Robertson had a hole in one on the 5th hole. Lachlan was awarded a special hole in one trophy and Lachlan’s name has been added to the special Hole in One Honour Board, which will be a part of Cornish College’s golfing history.

Sustainability and wildlife

We are truly blessed to utilise the land for our golf course and we will always be grateful and respectful to this land. We use no pesticides, we aim to use recycled materials and we use native plants to help create habitat for local wildlife. We have many species of plants and animals within our golf course. We ensure Cornish students are involved in the development of the golf course and we’ve had many students help plant trees around our course.

Cornlow Medal

Each year we run the Cornlow Medal. Students are allocated points each week for demonstrating great golfing ability, leadership skills or our core values. At the end of the year the votes are tallied up and we announce a winner (votes are kept under tight security!).

In 2014 Danielle Veldstra, a Year 6 student, was awarded the inaugural Cornlow Medal winner. We also provide all students with their certificates on completion of each year.

The Big Hill

Part of the Cornish College landscape includes a giant hill on the golf course the younger students refer to as the ‘Big Hill’.  It’s an iconic Cornish landmark that ELC students have had fun on regularly for many years. The 6th hole tees off from the top off the Big Hill, making it an integral part of our golf course.


Putting Games

During most sessions, students play many different games. On our practice putting green students often create an obstacle course putting game, which is enjoyed by students of all ages.

Sharing our Course

In 2015 students invited the Noble Park English Language School to visit Cornish College to learn golf. Cornish Year 9 and 10 students organised a wonderful day for the Noble Park students. Most had never played golf before and their positive feedback was overwhelming.

Keysborough Golf Club relationship

In 2014 we formed a successful relationship with Keysborough Golf Club. Our Cornish Golf Program has limited access to Keysborough Golf Club and during spring, summer and autumn we play the course. Cornish College is extremely grateful to have limited access to the course and facilities.

Feedback and Testimonials

  • “I would like to take this opportunity to thank both yourself and the staff for putting together such a great golf program. The enthusiasm and dedication of the staff has been very refreshing and the feedback provided was fabulous.”
  • ” Thank you so much to you Sean, Grant and Christie for a fantastic holistic extra curricula program. The way in which you incorporate values, mentoring, fun and encouragement into this program is to be applauded. It is greatly appreciated.”
  • “Thank you both for the lesson today, N was so excited as he got in the car informing us he had a private golf lesson. It certainly made his day. Thanks again, you both do a fantastic job and golf lessons continue to be a highlight for the boys in their week.  And by the way GOOD ON YOU for developing this program. You are a SUPERSTAR!! “
  • “From day one the program has been so well run and the feedback provided was entirely unexpected – amazing, so detailed and very professional.”
  • “I’s looking forward to it again. After years of trying to figure out his sport, this is it! Phew!”
  • “Thank you so much for all the effort you have all put into the golf program this year – they both absolutely LOVE golf on Fridays.”
  • “Thanks for all your efforts in organising and continually running the program. Sean has been fantastic too and I appreciate all his time and effort and coaching skill. He has a great rapport with A and has helped immensely with his swing and game play. A loves the program and really enjoyed playing at Keysborough. Have a great break and A is definitely keen to continue. He has also selected to do the leadership/ golf program in Year 9.”
  • “He has become obsessed with golf now and he’s very keen to develop his skills further! We’ve just spent the last few days at various driving ranges and putting greens!”
  • “Keep up the great work along with Sean and the other coaches, it is fantastic.”
  • “Thanks for all the support you give him!”
  • “The kids love it, thank you. Thanks for a great program.”
  • “Just takes a few adults to take some interest in our kids and anything is possible. Golf is nice here, but it’s not the point…”
  • “The golf program is doing some amazing work with our kids…and yes, the golf aspect of it is great too.”

Tours and Open Days

Upcoming events:

Wednesday 17 October, 6.00pm

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