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Hunter Industrials Hunter Industrials Hunter Industrials Hunter Industrials

Hunter Industrials is a wholly Australian-owned and operated company. Its foundation dates back to 1941 when Len Hunter Snr invented the trusted and respected Pine O’Cleen brand.

Today, Hunter Industrials prides itself on providing a market-leading service combined with a specialty range of chemicals, accessories and paper products. We are proud of our heritage and proud to excel at providing value to our customers through our consultative approach, not just our quality products.

Hunter Industrials believes in strong relationships with our staff, our customers, plus our end-users; and we work together to continuously improve and bring to market the very best in service, advice and product offering. We take social, economic and environmental impacts of business operations seriously and understand how you can operate in a more sustainable manner without compromising your goals.

Hunter programs offer:

  • A total support package that allows you to maximise control of the health and safety of every person on site
  • Flexibility in terms of product choice and environmentally responsible options
  • Continuity and ongoing management irrespective of contractor or company changes

Program benefits:

  • Professional guidance with Occupational Health and Safety management
  • Alignment of cleaning operations with sustainability policy
  • Certified chemical safety and product induction training
  • Effective inventory control
  • Safe and economical chemical dispensing systems
  • Efficient on-site service
  • Managed costs to budget
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