Make A Difference Experience - Thailand, Laos and Cambodia

The Year 9 Make a Difference Experience 

A key focus of the Year 9 Program is the Make A Difference Experience (MADE) to Thailand, Laos or Cambodia. At Year 9 students need to be challenged and discover their place in the world. The Year 9 MADE has the potential to be life changing and aims to:

  • be unique, powerful and empowering for all involved;
  • challenge the physical, emotional and spiritual limits of each child;
  • further develop students’ sustainable thinking dispositions;
  • emphasise cultural exchange as well as being culturally different.

The MADE is a 12-day journey to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia at the end of Term 3, providing a rite of passage for students out of Year 9 and onto their next stage of education. It is held later in the year in order to be a more powerful experience as students have greater maturity from which to benefit. It is important to reflect upon such an experience and this is done through the Global Sustainability Program when students return to school. Students also share their experiences and learning through the Make A Difference Experience presentation, which always illustrates incredible personal growth.

Year 9 MADE in pictures

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