Cornish has a large wetland and there are multiple water sources available for wildlife. Last year during Dhumba-dha biik discussions our then Year 5 students completed a bird survey. They correctly identified that bird nesting hollows were few and far between and so they asked if they could construct some nesting boxes. One of the students commented that it would be great to live stream from the nesting boxes, so that everyone could see what was happening, just like they had seen when watching the Collins Street Peregrine Falcons live stream. This is how the Cornish College Nesting Box Project began.

We were delighted to see a pair of Rainbow Lorikeets inspect and then moved into one of our student built nesting boxes. Then, we were so excited when we opened the nesting box to discover that they had hatched a chick inside.

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Please note that unfortunately the live stream is no longer available.