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Outdoor learning and maths. Year 1 teachers Alexandra Parrington and Samantha Millar publish their second article for ‘Prime Number,’ the primary journal of the Mathematical Association of Victoria.

“We had planned to do a fractions activity (inspired by Creativestar Learning and Middleton Park Primary School) however we soon discovered that we were also incorporating number, measurement, location and problem-solving. Fractions can be a difficult concept for many students to understand and this activity gave many students their ‘ah-ha’ moment.”

Mrs Parrington and Mrs Millar present ‘Fraction Stick Walls’ from their Dhumba dha biik session with Year 1 students in a recent issue of Prime Number. Their second article to appear in Prime Number, Mrs Parrington and Mrs Millar provide further insight into how learning outdoors can take on a shape much more significant than anyone could plan. “There are so many opportunities to teach maths in nature in a hands on, authentic way.” Read more below.

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