The heart, the mind
and the person.

We believe that when the heart is safe, supported, happy and connected the mind is open to challenges.
It will learn to think critically, creatively and find understanding. As a result, the person evolves as a thriving, mindful, active global citizen.

the heart

Safe. Supported. Happy. Connected.

We believe students need to feel safe, supported, happy and connected in order to thrive in their academic learning. Our curriculum is designed with this in mind. We provide a safe environment to be challenged and to grow.

We are a supportive and cohesive community that values each person.
We see you, we know you, we care.

the mind

Open to challenges.
Think critically and creatively. Find understanding

We offer an academically rigorous and challenging program. Yes, we meet required outcomes, but moreover we believe it is our moral obligation to equip our students with transferable skills beyond the classroom that will make a difference to our students, our communities and a sustainable future.

We give students the tools to thrive now and into the future to meet the socio-cultural, economic, technological and environmental challenges of our time.

the person

Thriving. Mindful.
Active global citizens.

Our curriculum provides structures that mobilise the attitudes, skills, knowledge and values required for young people to become the best individuals they have the capacity to be.

We encourage our students to be active global citizens, that consider how their decisions have impact, confident in making a difference in their school, their community and the world.

Doing things differently today.

Making a difference tomorrow.

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100 Acre

Cornish is a 100 acre classroom set in natural parkland – our environment is key to our vision of educating for a sustainable future.