Our students make a difference in their local and global communities

Education is about teaching students to think for themselves and to become problem-identifiers as well as problem-solvers.

Our students understand that we all have a responsibility to make a difference today for a sustainable, thriving future. We encourage them to be active global leaders who consider how their decisions impact the world, confident in making a difference in their school and within the local community as well as globally.

Our curriculum is enriched with practical, community-based activities, such as Make A Difference Week.

Make A Difference Week

Make A Difference (MAD) Week is a unique, integral part of the Cornish curriculum that sees students, parents, staff and other members of our community work together to demonstrate our motto, Make a difference, be the difference. The week involves practical, inquiry-based activities that allows exploration of concepts of sustainability while building connections and a sense of community throughout the College.

“Make A Difference Week is enjoyable because we can delve into topics of our own interest and discover how the past affects present-day actions and how the outcomes will ultimately affect our future. Each year level gets to consider and learn about an inquiry topic and relate it back to the Rings of Sustainability, both on a personal and global scale. MAD Week allows for individual and collaborative thinking and caters for personal learning styles. We all enjoy the time spent getting to know those around us and having a week of laughter shared with the community.”
Charlie, Year 9

“I love MAD Week. I really enjoy meeting students of all ages. I like that we don’t just do the same types of activities year after year, but we actually do meaningful tasks like planting trees. What I enjoy more than the play sessions are the year level inquiries because they usually connect to the unit you have been working on in class.”
Isabella, Year 7

“I love MAD Week because it is a week of fun activities and learning. This year, I got to build seats and tables for the Year 7 outdoor area and I also learnt how to use a hammer and a drill.”
Caitlin, Year 7