We are making a difference today,
for a sustainable and thriving tomorrow.

The world today looks very different to generations past.
A global pandemic, climate change, advances in technology and political unrest are all challenges we face.

And while the world evolves, traditional education has struggled to keep up.
But the future lies ahead of us all. And on the future, Cornish is focused.

Our students are given the tools to thrive, in learning and in life.
We engage their minds, by opening their hearts and nurturing their wellbeing.
We foster a holistic view of a sustainable world – enough for all, forever.
We give students the tools to thrive now and into the future to meet the socio-cultural, economic, technological and environmental challenges of our time.

At Cornish education means exploration.
Identifying problems and seeking out solutions.
An insatiable curiosity. An entrepreneurial spirit. Constantly pioneering new ground.

Because brave leadership is not taught in a book, it comes about through understanding.
Understanding yourself.
Understanding others.
Understanding what the future may hold.
And then having the knowledge and courage to act.