Primary teachers Alexandra Parrington and Samantha Millar publish their third article for ‘Prime Number,’ the primary journal of the Mathematical Association of Victoria.

“…this outdoor data collection and graphing activity enabled us to cover a number of mathematical concepts. It also provided a unique opportunity for the children to be creative, something that perhaps is not always associated with a maths lesson. It was engaging, fun, collaborative and contained lots of great opportunities for mathematical communication. But best of all, it was outside!.”

Mrs Parrington and Mrs Millar present ‘Data collection and graphing’ from their Dhumba dha biik session with Year 1 students in a recent issue of Prime Number. Their third article to appear in Prime Number, Mrs Parrington and Mrs Millar provide another great example of taking the classroom outside, even for math. The students are engaged, creative and working together. “As they applied themselves to the task, there was lots of discussion between the children – How big did they want their axis? What materials could they use to represent each bird? How much of each material did they need? How would they arrange the items to create a graph?” Read more below.