Planning for the Future

The College Board is implementing a five-year Strategic Plan from 2017 to 2021

The Strategic Plan and Next Steps provide information about how Cornish College will deliver its educational philosophy over the coming years.

The Strategic Plan plan has six pillars, each with a specific focus.

Pillar 1: Student learning and achievement

Inquiry, engagement, rigour, creativity and innovation are the hallmarks of learning at Cornish where all students are encouraged to do their best and engage in education for a sustainable future.

Pillar 2: Student wellbeing and personal development

Our approach to learning is holistic, encompassing student wellbeing, personal development and academic care. All students at Cornish should feel safe, happy and empowered.

Pillar 3: Staff 

Our students’ learning is enabled by knowledgeable, creative and gifted teachers. The commitment of our talented and energetic general staff strengthens our community and contributes to our learning environment.

Pillar 4: Resources

Cornish College will provide the resources needed to support the learning and development of our students and enrich the lives of all.

Cornish College will provide the resources needed to support our vision for teaching and learning. We will model the sustainable practice in the development and use of our land, buildings and technology. 

Pillar 5: Community

Our community of students and their families, teachers, Board members, alumni and friends work together.

Pillar 6: Governance and Management

Innovation and sustainability defines the approach to the governance and management of Cornish College.

Download and read the full plan here.

20-year Master Plan 

The College Board has also developed an ambitious 20-year Master Plan, which outlines long-term improvements for the College to respond to our growing student community and future teaching needs.

These plans outline some of the exciting new developments that will deliver an array of new classrooms, outdoor learning and play areas, state-of-the-art sporting facilities, as well as new performing and visual arts, science and technology, and other specialist learning spaces.

Site plan of Cornish College showing new buildings, car parks, sporting facilities, grounds developments and play spaces 

Close up site plan of Cornish College showing new buildings, car parks, sporting facilities, grounds developments and play spaces

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