The Cornish College Prep to Year 6 program provides an excellent educational program for students in a friendly, caring environment.

Cornish College is an authorised International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) school. The PYP is a conceptual, transdisciplinary, inquiry-based and student-centred educational program with responsible action at its core. It has a focus on international mindedness and the development of the child as a global learner. This is achieved through embedding the characteristics of the Learner Profile into all aspects of the school day. Through the PYP, students experience learning that is engaging, significant, challenging and relevant as it spans between, across and beyond traditional subject boundaries.

Students are encouraged to be open-minded, principled and knowledgeable. They develop the confidence to become risk-takers in their learning. They become thinkers and inquirers who communicate effectively. They learn the importance of living a balanced life, who are caring and learn to be reflective. The development of the Learner Profile attributes enable students to take action and engage in agency. Through action and agency, we learn to make a difference to others and the environment.

Students participate in a range of practical, varied and cross age learning experiences to promote resilience, balance and a sense of knowing and connection to themselves, others and the environment. Programs include EcoKids, Kitchen Garden Project, Dhumba-dha biik *, MAD Week as well as social skills and personal development programs which all support each child’s learning and holistic development.

Through our primary school students are given opportunities to lead and demonstrate leadership. Our leaders are often asked to meet and greet special guests and take visiting parents and students around our campus on school tours.

We welcome you to contact us and join one of our school tours or make arrangements to visit and learn more about our wonderful program in the primary school.

* Dhumba-dha biik (pronounced dum-ba-dah beek) is Boon wurrung language for ‘Talk Country’. We have received special permission to use this term to describe a weekly program for children in our Early Learning Centre and Primary students, where they form strong connections to their land. This program involves students exploring, wondering, posing questions, offering ideas and solutions and using scientific vocabulary in an authentic context.

Whilst out on country they are able to develop their resilience, independence, mindfulness and problem solving skills. They bring their passions for the environment back to the classroom, where they discuss and share their findings, and use as a provocation for writing, mathematical and scientific investigations and play.

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