Specialist Programs

Students in Prep to Year 6 attend a variety of specialist classes including Library, Music, Art, Languages Other Than English (Japanese), Religious Education and Physical Education each week.

We offer recorder (Year 2), Strings (Year 3 and 4) and Ukulele (Year 4 and 5) as part of our classroom music program. Visual and Performing Arts events include Art Exhibitions, musical productions, House Performing Arts (Year 5 and 6) and participation in the IPPSHA Music Festival. Students can also learn instrumental music privately in school hours. Our Japanese program includes speech competitions, and Imaginary Trip to Japan (Year 3), assembly performances and Year 6 students have the opportunity to attend the Japanese Study Tour. 

Our students participate in a range of House and Interschool sporting events including Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country Carnivals, and Year 5 and 6 students participate in weekly Interschool Sport. Our library has expanded into a literature, research and inquiry centre, known as the CLIC. Students are involved in literary events such as National Simultaneous Storytelling, Premier’s Reading Challenge, as well as using the centre productively for learning. Students consolidate and extend their understandings in Religious Education through fortnightly Chapel services, and participation in religious and spiritual calendar events.

Religious Education

Cornish College teaches from the Christian worldview. We teach Religious Education from ELC through to Year 7 and in Year 8 we teach Ethics.

From Prep to Year 4 the emphasis is on exploring Christian and Cornish College values through Bible stories and influential characters.

In Year 5 and 6 the emphasis is on worldview. We explore students’ own worldview as well as other religious worldviews. We compare and contrast these with the Christian worldview. We also include units on ‘Making A Difference’, encouraging our students to consider social justice issues and community-building issues.

In Year 7 we link in with the curriculum emphasis on ‘The Big Question’ and look at the Big Questions of Life. Students take a more in-depth look at selected religious worldviews, as well as re-visiting their own worldview. Students also focus in on the word ‘advocacy’ and are given opportunities to express this concept via a ‘Make a Difference’ project.


Fortnightly chapel services at Cornish College are designed to be fun, engaging, challenging, interactive, and reflective. Students and staff are encouraged to feel that they can be involved in the learning that takes place. A typical chapel service will likely have prayer, a Bible story or passage, music, clips, discussions, links to College values, student leadership and ‘dodgy’ games.

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