A Celebration of Courage – 10 Years of Cornish College

A Celebration of Courage – 10 Years of Cornish College


Cornish College 10 Year Anniversary book ‘A Celebration of Courage’.



For our ten year celebrations, we want to recognise the story of the establishment of Cornish College – and the genesis of that story.

Schools tend to wait somewhat longer to write their first history, however, the past ten years have been critical in shaping the College and form a crucial part of the future story of Cornish College.

We are delighted that current parent Louise Zedda-Sampson has served as the editor of this book and are indebted to those within the Cornish community who have contributed personal stories, anecdotes and photos.

As Louise writes in her opening Editor’s Note: ‘A gleam in Richard Cornish’s eye all those years ago, became a Cornish way of life. It was no wonder that when the school was set to close in 2011, so many stepped up and said “No”. Reading through the heartfelt contributions, one cannot help but be moved by the sentiments and recollections of staff, students, parents and alumni of their time at the College’.

Each and every story in this book reinforces the view that a place is much more than its separate parts, and that when everyone bands together with integrity and courage, truly great things can be achieved.

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