Sixty Cornish College students and 11 staff swapped their warm beds for cardboard boxes when they took part in our annual Winter Sleep Out (Friday 10 June). The event has raised $12,000 so far, with more money set to come in. The funds will be used to buy Backpack Beds for homeless people through the charity Swags for Homeless.

Students also made 560 cheese and vegemite sandwiches on the night for the EatUp program, which feeds local children in our community who go hungry.

Cornish College Chaplain, Jarrod Davies, organised the event and said: “It’s fantastic to see so many of our students and staff committed to helping others. Sleeping out on a cold, wet winter evening is no mean feat but everyone showed huge community spirit and wanted to live our motto and ‘make a difference’ for more than 125 people sleeping on our streets”.

Pictured sheltering in cardboard boxes are Year 7 students Flynn and Hugh.