Students have presented their views on the importance of nature and biodiversity to government.

Cornish College has responded to the call to provide comments on Australia’s draft revised biodiversity conservation strategy. The College’s youngest and oldest students have contributed.

One of our four-year-old Early Learning students gave a profound response to the question: Why is Nature important?

The Earth will turn grey if we don’t look after it and everyone will die, even the kids and the animals like the cats.”

 Year 12 students said “nature is important because it is the best example of peace, cooperation and balance in the world. It is stronger and more successful than any other concept on Earth and it is what enables us to live”.

Called “Australia’s Strategy for Nature 2018-2030: Australia’s biodiversity conservation strategy and action inventory”, the draft revised Strategy was open for public comment over a three-month period via the website of the Australian Government’s Department of Environment and Energy.

College Principal, Vicki Steer said “we decided to work on this submission throughout the first term to live by our College vision. The preparation of this submission has provided an authentic learning experience for our students. Their education in and about nature is a crucial part of their growth as citizens who will make a positive difference in contributing to a sustainable future. As leading educational thinkers in regards to educating for a sustainable future we believe our College provides an important case study for others to learn how to authentically embed sustainability into all aspects of education.”

In addition to students, staff and parents have also contributed to the College’s submission, which was submitted on 16 March, making it a real college community effort. Read the submission and supporting see multimedia material at