Congratulations to our Extend Before and After School Care service which has received an overall Exceeding National Quality Standard (NQS) rating for its recent assessment and rating.

Exceeding NQS is going above and beyond what is expected at the Meeting NQS level.

To receive an Exceeding rating you must receive 4 or more Exceeding NQS out of 7 quality areas. They include:

Educational program and practice

Children’s health and safety

Physical environment

Staffing arrangements

Relationships with children

Collaborative partnerships

Governance and leadership

Extend Cornish College received 5 Exceeding NQS out of 7 which is a fantastic achievement.

Exceeding practice has been demonstrated by the team at Extend through their initiatives, extraordinary care, strong relationships with the family and school community, and inspiring and educational programs.

A huge congratulations to Karlie Katsambis, Service Coordinator and Nicolene Cottrell, Programs Manager, who worked together towards this outstanding achievement.

Karlie has worked at Cornish College for almost 7 years. Her love for the children and continued dedication to the families is shown through this achievement.

Many people in the industry say it is ‘impossible’ to receive an Exceeding rating in the OSHC sector, but Extend at Cornish College has proved that it can be done and it is achievable.

We are extremely proud, and we thank Karlie and Nicolene for their dedication to the service and for all their hard work in achieving this fantastic outcome.