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Developing efficient strategies for delivery

For Kate Taylor (CC2012), Cornish has never felt too far away. Reminiscing on her memorable experiences from her time at Cornish, Kate recalls the welcoming environment that provided her with a world of exciting opportunities. Whether it was cross country skiing, travelling to Vietnam for Big Experience, or dressing up for Night of Decades, Kate says that she wouldn’t change a thing about her time [...]

Developing efficient strategies for delivery2022-09-28T13:53:05+10:00

Innovating to help the medical community

Having the opportunity to recently connect with students at Cornish College was an amazing experience and I’m excited to be able to share my journey since school again.’ Brett Drummond’s (CC2002) trailblazing spirit can perhaps be traced back to his time at Cornish, where he was appointed a school captain, in one of the College’s first Year 10 cohorts. Finishing his International Baccalaureate in [...]

Innovating to help the medical community2022-06-06T14:36:14+10:00

Beginning a career in law

After her first student debate in Year 6, Emma Halliday (CC2012) decided that her career would have to involve arguing, and preferably her other favourite hobby, reading. Luckily for Emma, these are both key elements of a career in law! Emma’s journey began in Year 10 when she embarked upon work experience at a top-tier law firm, where she gained valuable insight into the life of an Intellectual P [...]

Beginning a career in law2022-06-06T14:38:37+10:00

Integrated learning program

Some years ago, we found ourselves with a particularly challenging group of Year 7 students, which included a group of boys who felt alienated and disconnected from the traditional school program of subjects and topics. They did not like school or teachers, or respect the property. We recognised that we had to make significant changes to franchise all students in the middle years. Ever mindful of [...]

Integrated learning program2022-08-17T11:43:28+10:00

Reimagining drama

Cornish College is a really special place. We are largely an inquiry-based learning environment, with natural, personal, socio-cultural and urban/technological sustainability underpinning our curriculum. Everything we do helps students understand how they can make a difference and create a sustainable world. Our primary school also offers the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme, wh [...]

Reimagining drama2022-08-18T16:20:54+10:00

Making a difference in maths

Maths…one tiny word that can cause very strong emotions, not only in students, but also in a lot of parents whose own experience of learning mathematics is not looked back on fondly. When a lot of people think of maths, they might see images of strict, regimented classrooms, students sitting quietly in rows and columns, going about their maths with authoritarian structure. I don’t see those images [...]

Making a difference in maths2022-08-17T11:45:23+10:00
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