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Alumni Stories

Building onwards and up

A quiet achiever, and son of well-known former Cornish teacher Nancye Banks, the ever-personable and enthusiastic Taylor Banks (CC2010) graduated from Cornish in 2008 before sharing his motivation and commendable work ethic with the wider community. Here, Taylor reflects upon his journey across various career options over the past decade and offers some pertinent advice for our current senior coho [...]

Building onwards and up2022-09-28T14:45:08+10:00

Changing lives for the better

James Padley (CC2008) will be a familiar face to those who attended Cornish in the early 2000s, remembered for his leading role in the 2005 secondary musical ‘Man of Steel’, talent for public speaking, service on numerous student councils, and time as Head Boy of the campus in 2006. James has continued to inspire others and pursue the performing arts in a wide-ranging, international career: It has [...]

Changing lives for the better2022-09-28T14:30:10+10:00

From passion to profession

Dr Jasmin Pender (CC2010) graduated from the Cornish Campus of St Leonard’s College before pursuing a career in veterinary science. Here, she shares with us her reflections upon recent professional highlights as well as the influence that Cornish has had upon her work with animals and specialisation within the sciences. I knew from an early age that a love for animals would result in me working wi [...]

From passion to profession2022-09-28T13:50:18+10:00

Changing lives for the better

Alumna Michelle Johanson (CC2011) attended Cornish from primary school to Year 10 before moving to the Brighton Campus of St Leonard’s for Years 11 and 12. Upon finishing school, she studied physiotherapy at Monash University and pursued this across a range of professional contexts. A deep-seated passion rests behind her career choice to help others make a difference in their lives. During my year [...]

Changing lives for the better2022-09-28T14:31:07+10:00

Developing efficient strategies for delivery

For Kate Taylor (CC2012), Cornish has never felt too far away. Reminiscing on her memorable experiences from her time at Cornish, Kate recalls the welcoming environment that provided her with a world of exciting opportunities. Whether it was cross country skiing, travelling to Vietnam for Big Experience, or dressing up for Night of Decades, Kate says that she wouldn’t change a thing about her time [...]

Developing efficient strategies for delivery2022-09-28T13:53:05+10:00

Innovating to help the medical community

Having the opportunity to recently connect with students at Cornish College was an amazing experience and I’m excited to be able to share my journey since school again.’ Brett Drummond’s (CC2002) trailblazing spirit can perhaps be traced back to his time at Cornish, where he was appointed a school captain, in one of the College’s first Year 10 cohorts. Finishing his International Baccalaureate in [...]

Innovating to help the medical community2022-06-06T14:36:14+10:00

Beginning a career in law

After her first student debate in Year 6, Emma Halliday (CC2012) decided that her career would have to involve arguing, and preferably her other favourite hobby, reading. Luckily for Emma, these are both key elements of a career in law! Emma’s journey began in Year 10 when she embarked upon work experience at a top-tier law firm, where she gained valuable insight into the life of an Intellectual P [...]

Beginning a career in law2022-06-06T14:38:37+10:00

Renewable energy a priority

Catharine Payton (left) at the Mumbida wind farm in Western Australia Cornish College “...definitely influenced me in terms of my gap year,” says Catharine Payton (CC2009). “I went to Vietnam for the Big Experience and we built a house in [rural] Vietnam. It was such a great experience – I really liked the idea of giving back. That’s why I did a volunteer role teaching English in China. “I also [...]

Renewable energy a priority2021-08-09T15:03:42+10:00

International-mindedness sees a world of opportunities

When Brett McGeorge (CC2006) began studying German in Year 7, little did he know that it would lead him to work and live overseas. Although he had some ideas about what he wanted to do after Cornish, the international-mindedness he developed at school opened up a new world of opportunities. To practise his language skills, Brett became pen pals with a family in Germany. This is a friendship that c [...]

International-mindedness sees a world of opportunities2021-08-09T15:03:59+10:00

Helping others grow and progress

Kate Rodgers (CC2014) “didn’t ever want to leave” Cornish as a student, so it’s no surprise that she returned for her final teaching placements! Kate commenced at Cornish in ELC3 and then completed VCE at the Brighton campus of St Leonard’s. She then spent two years working and travelling throughout Europe and Asia, before commencing a Bachelor of Education (Primary), which she completed in Decemb [...]

Helping others grow and progress2021-08-09T14:48:12+10:00
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