Wellbeing at Cornish College is nurtured in a culture of inclusion so that we may be the difference in service to self, others and the environment.

Wellbeing is a key pathway in the Cornish College Strategy Story – Toward 2030.

Through the Wellbeing pathway we are recognising the critical role of wellbeing for the sustainability of a learning community and the inclusion of its people.

Our aim is to acknowledge the challenges our young people face and approach these as an informed and educated community, working together for a sustainable future.

We will commit time and resources to researching childhood and adolescent wellbeing and related matters and share our understandings with the community.

The role of a parent in conversations with their child is vital to the learning partnership. Cornish College provides parents with information on what the school is doing to support young people through various challenges, along with resources parents can connect with to support the conversations at home.

Education is the key to a sustainable future, but education in partnership with community is the key to making a difference and being the difference today.

Community Wellbeing Series

To support our community we share information about topics related to Wellbeing through our Community Wellbeing Series. These are intended to create a space for conversations with young people or to simply educate on an important wellbeing matter.