A College that cares for the environment and recognises the central importance of natural sustainability.

We were delighted to launch our Biodiversity Master Plan 2020 – 2025 on Monday 9 November 2020. As a College that cares for the environment and recognises the central importance of natural sustainability and as part of our ongoing engagement with the ResourceSmart Program, we felt that it was important to produce a master plan that has the protection and enhancement of biodiversity as its core mission. This sits alongside the Cornish College Master Plan to ensure that planned and future developments align with the College’s values as a school that educates for a sustainable, thriving future and that we are doing our part in a world where the realities of climate change are already being felt.

What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity is all components of the living world – the number and variety of native plants, animals and other living things across our land, rivers, coast and ocean. It includes the variety of their genetic information, their habitats and their relationship to the ecosystems within which they live.

Our restoration vision

Our vision is to ensure that the grounds and surrounds of Cornish College reflect our love and care for the natural environment, and that they enable us to educate for a sustainable future with biodiversity and nature as the fundamental underpinnings.

This will be achieved when:

  • All staff and students and stakeholders are aware and support the site management plan
  • Appropriate planting happens at appropriate times – broadly speaking planting should occur in autumn/winter
  • Staff and students can participate in and support the biodiversity plan
  • Partnerships with the wider community flourish as a result of our demonstrable care for country