Space to learn

Cornish is a 100 acre classroom set in natural parkland – our environment is key to our vision of educating for a sustainable future – experiences with the natural environment help students understand and respect the interdependence between people, plants, animals and the land.

There are a myriad of outdoor activities that occur each day including climbing trees, building cubbies and forts, playing sport including golf on our unique golf links, exploring the island in the middle of our lake, following the Indigenous plant trail, exploring the grounds through the weekly Dhumba-dha biik program, identifying ecosystems and habitats, tending our vegetable gardens and caring for the animals on our farm.


We embed sustainability in our curriculum through our four Rings of Sustainability and by connecting students to nature through our commitment to an outdoor learning pedagogical framework.


Our vision is to ensure that we educate for a sustainable future with biodiversity and nature as the fundamental underpinnings.

Space to explore

Creating time and space in the school day for play, deep inquiry, exploration and personalised learning opportunities, ensures that students have the tools to thrive in learning and in life.

Journeying through the Early Years to Year 12, they develop deep understandings of themselves as learners and about the interconnectedness of the world around them.

Space to play

A 100 acre classroom set in natural parkland, our environment is key to our vision of educating for a sustainable future.

Sporting Fields

We focus on ‘sport for all’, so that every student has the opportunity to participate in activities that best fit their skills and confidence.

Golf Course

Our 9-hole Cornish Links Golf Course is specifically designed for children.

Adventure Playground

Students need to feel safe, supported, happy and to experience positive relationships to be able to progress with their academic learning. This forms the foundation of learning and teaching at Cornish College.
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The Cornish

We are becoming what the world needs schools to become so that education can make a difference and be the difference for a sustainable future.