Golf Program

The Cornish Golf Program aims to develop golf skills and enjoyment of the game. The program has a particular emphasis on character development and leadership through the core values.

Sean Kirschenberg and Nadina Light provide high-quality coaching. Students will be assessed using skills tests, observations of program values and demonstrated leadership. Students will also develop fundamental movement skills that benefit all sports.

The program will take place either on our driving range (east of the main car park), on the Cornish Links Golf Course (at rear of staff car park) or on the tennis courts. There will also be occasions where the students will be required to be at an external venue (Advanced Group). Parents will be given advance notice about these occasions.

If a golf lesson is cancelled due to inclement weather a text message will be sent to parents.

Students are to wear the College PE uniform or Cornish Golf polo shirt to each lesson. Cornish Golf polo shirts can be purchased from the Uniform Shop.

We have a commitment to maintaining a safe environment. We have a highly popular and growing program in which we provide the best environment for students to achieve their full potential.

Please make contact with coaching staff before taking your child home from golf lessons each evening. If you have arranged for your child to be picked up by another family, please contact Sean Kirschenberg regarding this arrangement via email at or SMS him on 0418 552 668.

The Nine Golf Groups

  • SNAG (Early Learning Centre ) Friday 3.00pm – 3.30pm
  • Leishman (Prep) Wednesday 1.20pm – 1.50pm
  • Jones (Year 1) Friday 1.20pm – 1.50pm
  • Smith (Years 2 – 6) Wednesday 3.45pm – 4.45pm
  • Webb (Years 7 – 12) Wednesday 3.45pm – 4.45pm
  • Appleby (Years 2 & 3) Friday 3.45pm – 4.45pm
  • Ogilvy (Years 4 – 6) Friday 3.45pm – 4.45pm
  • Day and Baddeley (Years 7 – 12) Friday 3.45pm – 4.45pm
  • Scott (Advanced Years 6 – 12) Friday 7.30am – 8.30am

For further information please contact Sean Kirschenberg, Cornish College Golf Program Coordinator at or 0418 552 668.



Please see our fees and Terms and Conditions below.

For current Cornish parents, please visit our booking page to make a booking.

For prospective parents, please contact Sean Kirschenberg at  for further information.

  • $160 ELC – Year 1
  • $192 Years 2 – 12

The fees apply for 8 lessons per term. The cost will be charged to your school fee account at the start of each term.

Terms and Conditions
  1. I agree that in the event of an accident or illness, the College, through a responsible member of staff, will obtain all necessary medical assistance and treatment, including blood transfusions and/or hospital treatment. I understand I will be responsible for any medical fees and expenses incurred.
  2. I understand that the College ensures provision of supervision at all times, but that the College cannot accept responsibility where there is a marked lack of cooperation from a student.
  3. I understand also that the adequate care of personal belongings is the responsibility of each individual student.
  4. Once tuition has begun, four lessons notice is required in writing by email to and to cancel the lessons. Students are still able to attend these four lessons. Verbal cancellation is not accepted and failure to cancel in writing will mean further fees being charged.
  5. Re-enrolment is automatic from one term to the next, including from one year to the next.
  6. The cost will be charged to your school fee account. An invoice will be sent by mail or email and payment is required by the start of the term.
  7. If your child is unable to demonstrate safety or the ability to follow instructions, we may require parents to attend with their child for a period of time. Continued failure to meet these expectations may result in students being asked to cease their involvement in the program.
  8. Any student who has not been collected at the end of the after school lesson will be taken to after school care.

To make a booking, please visit our booking page.

Cornish Links Golf Course

Our course is specifically designed for children and we are very grateful for the assistance and generous support we have received from the community. We commenced our course by developing seven holes and, in 2015, we developed two further holes (nine holes in total). The two newest holes are 200 metres long and provide some challenges for our students.

Although some of our holes are short, they can be quite challenging. Our golf course uses ‘big holes’, which allows the use of golf balls or tennis balls. Tennis balls are suitable for our younger early learning students.

Students can learn many great life skills from golf. Golf encourages students to practise, learn etiquette and develop persistence. It rewards integrity and is also a ‘game for life’ that has many social, mental and physical benefits. Golf handicaps allow children to compete with adults or beginners to compete with professionals. It also allows children to enjoy the outdoor environment. Having fun is critical to the success of our golf program.

We have future plans to develop a student committee to look at many aspects of golf, the golf program and the golf course. This may include golf handicaps, special events, course developments, charity events and golf competitions.