Cornish College would not be the school it is today without the involvement of passionate and committed supporters.

Giving back

Gifts in the form of bequests help support the provision of quality facilities and scholarships that are offered to worthy students. It is this commitment to the future of Cornish College — ‘make a difference and be the difference’ — that lies at the heart of our philanthropic programs.

Cornish Circle

The Cornish Circle has been established to welcome alumni, current and past parents, staff and friends of the College who have made provision for Cornish College in their Will. Every bequest, irrespective of its size, makes a difference.

We acknowledge and honour the pivotal contribution that members of the Cornish Circle play in helping to secure the future of our College and like to acknowledge and give thanks to them in publications, either in name or anonymously.

There is no minimum gift to become a member of the Cornish Circle, simply inform us that you have named Cornish College Ltd as the beneficiary of a bequest in your Will.

Making a Bequest

A bequest is usually a percentage of your estate or a fixed sum. There are also many other forms of bequests, for example shares, personal assets, property, works of art and other valuables.

Contact us

If you are considering supporting Cornish College with a bequest, we would be pleased to discuss how your gift can make a difference. All details of your bequest will be held in the strictest confidence.

Tel: 03 9781 9014

Cornish College is dependent on the generosity of its community to fund buildings, upgrade facilities and provide scholarships. Your Bequest ensures that we can continue to be a forward-thinking, caring and innovative school.

A Will is amongst the most important documents that people will write, yet 40% of Australian adults do not have a Will and risk that, on death, their estate will not be distributed as they would have wished. Regardless of age or the size of your estate, it represents, at this point of time, your life’s achievements and ought to be disbursed according to what you would really want.

Cornish celebrates the generosity of all who leave a gift to the College, no matter the amount, with many Bequests $10,000 or less – every amount ‘makes a difference’.

Making a Bequest does not always involve rewriting your Will. A simple codicil including Cornish College Ltd as a beneficiary provides an easy option for you to consider.

Some examples of Will clauses and codicil are provided here.

It is strongly recommended that you seek independent legal advice when drafting your Will.

There is no need to inform the College of your intention to leave a Bequest but, by informing us, we will have the opportunity to thank you in your lifetime. You will also be invited to join the Cornish Circle. However, if you prefer your gift to be confidential, we will respect your wishes.

If you would like to leave a gift in your Will, the beneficiary should be noted as:

Cornish College Ltd, 65 Riverend Road Bangholme VIC 3175 ABN 39 616 523 730