By giving each month, you can support the College to the level you choose without it affecting your financial circumstances.

We will keep you informed about how you are helping and at the end of each financial year, you will receive a receipt that summarises your tax-deductible gifts. 

For your convenience, we accept donations made by cash, cheque and credit card (MasterCard or Visa).

  • If you wish to make a cash donation we would recommend you drop it off at the Finance office or Reception
  • Cheque donations can be posted or delivered in person
  • Credit card donations can be made at any time online by using the form below or by phoning the Finance team during business hours on 03 9781 9000

You don’t have to use cash to make a gift. You can give an asset you no longer need or want. Gifts of property or shares are most welcome. Such gifts allocated to the Cornish College Building Fund or Cornish College Scholarship Fund are tax deductible.

Donate today!