Additional ICT Information

This page provides detailed information about the ICT devices required for student learning throughout the Cornish College curriculum.  

Educational Discounts

We are pleased to offer families discounted prices for students and teachers on iPad, Mac, AppleCare and selected accessories from both Apple and JB HiFi. Both of these companies provide competitive pricing and also offer extended warranties and finance options.

Apple Education Prices
Members of our community can purchase items through the Cornish College Apple Web Store, as well as through telesales (on 133-622) or in any Apple Store. You simply need to let the Apple representative know that you are looking to purchase your device using the Cornish College Apple Education prices.

Finance options are available for purchases in-store. Visit the Apple GiveBack website to find out if your existing iPad, iPhone or smartphone is eligible to be traded in for a gift card. Or visit an Apple Store – if your device qualifies, you’ll get credit towards a new one.

Click here to view the Cornish College Apple Education prices.

JB Hi-Fi Solutions for Education
Members of our community can purchase items through the Cornish College JB Hi-Fi Solutions for Education portal. This is an exclusive educational online offer. In order to log in you will require the school code found below.

School Code: CORNISHCOL2022

Click here to view the Cornish College JB Hi-Fi Solutions for Education portal.

Device Specifications

Primary requirements

    • iPad (9th Gen) Wi-Fi / 10.2 / A13 / 64GB or 256GB
    • iPad Air (4th Gen) 10.9 / A14 / 64GB or 256GB

(NB: educational apps can require more space. Smaller capacity devices limit device efficiency and use of applications) and iPad minis are not workable.

  • Over-ear or on-ear headphones that connect to the iPad, (not ear bud, in the ear style)
  • A sturdy cover
  • Keyboards are highly recommended

Secondary requirements

(NB: apps used for media studies in particular can require more disk space. In general, smaller capacity devices limit device efficiency and use of applications)

  • Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro M1 (8GB or 16GB memory, 256GB or 512GB disk) or 13-inch MacBook Air M1 (8GB Memory/ 256GB or 512GB disc)
  • A sturdy cover
  • Headphones
  • USB-C to USB adapter or USB-C digital AV multiport adapter required to connect USB devices
  • Optional (but recommended): AppleCare+ (includes limited accidental damage assurance)

Computer Imaging

Students new to the school will be required to make their computer available to the school technicians so they can install the required software and set it up on the school network. Form teachers will notify students when this will occur.

Computers must be:

  • Clearly named
  • In a named laptop bag free of any packaging and cables

Managing devices

Information about how to manage new devices, including setting important restrictions and controls, can be accessed here.

An informative Filtering the Web presentation by parent and IT expert Graeme Stewart can be viewed here. 

ICT Policy 

Cornish College’s ICT Use Policy can be viewed here Cornish College ICT Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

To read about Frequently Asked Questionscurrent parents can log into the school’s learning management system, The Hive.

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