Year 10

When a student tells you that they built a computer in a suitcase during lockdown, you are instantly reminded of what young people are capable of and how, at times, schools fail to recognise and honour this. So, for Hamish, Design Futures 100 is an opportunity to tap into his strengths and grow his entrepreneurial mindset. Hamish and a friend did indeed build a computer in an old suitcase they found on the side of the road. In fact most of the parts they used were either found items or reused items from existing devices.

Hamish is now using his time in Design Futures 100 to plan the build of a new computer using a water-cooled system this time to further challenge his learning.

Hamish’s Design Futures 100 steward need not be an expert in this area. Rather, the steward challenges Hamish to write a proposal for the school to fund this project, connects him with experts who can ask the right questions and has set up an agreement for Hamish to build this computer in a ‘fishbowl’ environment where other students from across the school can watch him work. As part of Hamish’s project, he will soon be running STEM workshops for students in Years 5 & 6 at Cornish College as part of the service component of his Design Futures 100 work.

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