Year 10

Ryan is a talented musician and his instrument of choice is the guitar. For Ryan, Design Futures has allowed him time to play and explore, the freedom to finesse his craft without barriers. Equally it has ‘shone a light’ on a parallel musical interest, that being repairing old electric guitars and giving them a new life.

As an entrepreneurial pursuit, he has constructed a business plan incorporating aims, intentions, goals, target markets, sourcing materials and examination of associated labour costs. Ryan has partnered with another student for their electrical expertise to manage this side of the business.

He has already rebuilt one guitar to a very satisfied customer and worked with the music staff to broaden his customer base.

Ryan’s Design Futures Steward provided a necessary sounding board as the initial idea expanded and again in the development of the Business Plan. He has truly valued the organic way this business has evolved and his entrepreneurial learning.

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