Year 10

For Lucy, soccer (football) is her sport. It is part of her identity, provides her with a driving purpose and she is committed to enhancing her skills. She is acutely aware that improving her soccer requires efforts well beyond the field, and a thorough examination of all areas including equipment, training regimes, the psychology of winning and tactics are essential.

Design Futures has enabled Lucy the latitude to explore and learn, particularly after a significant knee injury 18 months ago. She is now in a position where she can further her interest and passion but is equipped with a breadth of knowledge to take the next step. Her aspirational goal is initially enhancing her play and, ultimately, represent at a high level.

Lucy has also examined the entrepreneurial side of sport, seeing that merchandise is a key fiscal part of the sporting industry, and has designed a number of clothing items.

Her Design Futures Steward and her classmates, provided constructive critiquing as her inquiry expanded, and Lucy equally provided insight to others into the world of elite sport. Her clarity around the interconnectedness has enhanced her own performance and that of the junior girls she coaches.

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