Our Values

The Cornish College educational philosophy is based around a vision for the whole community of sustainable living.

Our core values are; respect, compassion, integrity and creativity, and we see these values on display each day here at the College.

Our dedicated teaching team strives to encourage creativity and develop thinking skills. We place a strong emphasis on building a foundation of skills for learning through structured inquiry and a differentiated curriculum to cater for different learning styles. Children and staff work together to collaborate in a team structure.

We are also committed to child safety and all children at the College should feel safe, happy and empowered. You can find out more about our Child Safe commitment on our child safety page.





Tours and Open Days

Discover Cornish College

We hold tours each term for you to meet our teaching team and find out more about our offering.

Latest News

Proactive on fair funding for education

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Best educational garden in Victoria

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Year 1 teacher, Mrs Samantha Millar shares the Dhumba-dha biik philosophy with ‘Remember the Wild’ website, who “aims to inspire a reconnection to our environment.”

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Wider community get into the swing of things at Cornish College’s inaugural Golf Day.

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