Cornish College students, staff and alumni recently joined forces for a terrific cause at our annual Winter Sleepout, which is designed to shed light on homelessness, whilst raising money for the Backpack Bed for Homeless, polar fleece sleeping bag program.

To begin the overnight sleepout, everyone engaged in various activities such as night golf, peer-led discussions, gathering around a campfire, enjoying a BBQ dinner, and assembling blessing bags (packs of essential care items with a handwritten note of hope and positivity for those experiencing homelessness and/or disadvantage). Later they all slept outdoors in cardboard boxes to gain real insight into the hardships faced by those without homes.

We are thrilled to announce that, in our 12th year of supporting Backpack Bed for Homeless, our collective efforts resulted in raising an astonishing $20,000, which set a new record at Cornish College and will provide much-needed support for people experiencing homelessness.