Currently completing a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce at Deakin University, Alice O’Sullivan (CC2018) has focused a majority of her studies around communications – marketing, public relations and advertising, amongst other things. While taking up an internship is something she had always planned to do, seeing an advertisement for the position at Cornish made it all the more special.

“Since day one, I have been able to put into practice theory and skills I continue to work on at university and have the privilege to get a ‘behind the scenes’ look at many things happening at the school,” she said.

“It has been wonderful to see all the changes that have taken place here since I graduated in 2018 – the new Senior Studies Centre, the EcoCentre, and the growth that the school continues to experience.”

“Having been a student at Cornish since 2004, I have seen this place grow from a small, tight-knit community to one that continues to exceed all expectations and accommodate new faces and ideas, while keeping that essential Cornish atmosphere.”

This story featured in the Summer 2020/2021 edition of The Difference

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